What is a “Floodgate”?

In contrast to regular faucets, floodgates (also called auto faucets) automatically do the process of claiming. This is done without the need to solve captchas. As long as the window / tab is opened in a browser and the faucet still has internal balance, coins will be credited.

The available faucets differ in payout amount and time.

The following collection contains working mining faucets which payout to FaucetHub.

FaucetMining.clubBitcoin Cash2 Satoshi / 1minClaim
FaucetMining.clubPeercoin500 Satoshi / 1minClaim
FaucetMining.clubBlackcoin4000 Satoshi / 1minClaim
FaucetMining.clubBitcoin Core50 Satoshi / 1minClaim
FaucetMining.clubDash3 Satoshi / 1minClaim
FaucetMining.clubDogecoin4000 Satoshi / 1minClaim
FaucetMining.clubEthereum3 Satoshi / 1minClaim
FaucetMining.clubLitecoin10 Satoshi / 1minClaim
FaucetMining.clubPrimecoin2500 Satoshi / 1minClaim
FreeSatoshi4AllDogecoin550000 Dogetoshi / 1minClaim
Japakar.com PPC Floodgate #2Peercoin200 Peertoshi / 2minClaim
Japakar.com PPC FloodgatePeercoin200 Peertoshi / 2minClaim
Japakar.com DASH Floodgate #2Dash2 Dashi / 2minClaim
Japakar.com DASH FloodgateDash2 Dashi / 2minClaim
Japakar.com ETH Floodgate #2Ethereum2 Gwei / 2minClaim
Japakar.com ETH FloodgateEthereum2 Gwei / 2minClaim
Japakar.com LTC Floodgate #2Litecoin2 Litoshi / 2minClaim
Japakar.com LTC FloodgateLitecoin2 Litoshi / 2minClaim
Japakar.com BLK Floodgate #2Blackcoin400 Satoshi / 2minClaim
Japakar.com BLK FloodgateBlackcoin400 Satoshi / 2minClaim
Japakar.com DOGE FloodgateDogecoin40000 Dogetoshi / 2minClaim
Japakar.com DOGE Floodgate #2Dogecoin40000 Dogetoshi / 2minClaim
Japakar.com XPM FloodgatePrimecoin500 Primetoshi / 2minClaim
Japakar.com XPM Floodgate #2Primecoin500 Primetoshi / 2minClaim

A faucet is missing? Contact us and we will add it!