Paper Wallet Print your coins

How can I generate a paper wallet?

The generation of a paper wallet can be done usingĀ WalletGenerator.

Generating a paper wallet using

You can either do the generation online or offline. For security reasons, the use of the offline version is advised.

If you want to generate the wallet online skip the following step of downloading the offline version.


Offline version

To obtain a copy of the generator, navigate to the repository on GitHub. Click on the buttons “Clone or download” and “Download ZIP”.

Downloading the offline version of

After the download is finished open the archive. In it you will find the copy of the website.


The files inside the archive of

Now disconnect from the internet, open index.html and you’ll see the front page.


Generate a wallet

To generate a wallet, follow the five steps described by the generator. This involves moving your mouse or typing random characters into the provided input field. This is done in order to ensure enough “entropy” or “randomness”. Afterwards you can select the currency you want to generate a address for. The last step is to print and fold your paper wallet. Then you’re ready to share your public key to receive money from faucets or users.

Remember to never share your private key! Any person in possesion of a private key is able to transfer money to other addresses.